24V 200AH 250AH Buried Battery Box

24V 200AH 250AH Battery Box Waterproof Buried Underground Box, Battery Case, Battery Enclosure to load 2pcs of 12V 200AH or 250AH batteries.

24V 200AH 250AH Battery Box, Waterproof PVC PP Buried Box, Battery Underground Box / Battery Case for 2pcs of 12V 200AH or 250AH batteries.

Model: 24V/200AH/250AH
Internal dimension: 560*520*270mm
External dimension: 620*580*280mm

The main usages of Waterproof Buried Battery Box:

1. The battery box load the battery to be buried underground, keep the battery avoid of water, cool and hot temperature.
2. The battery loaded in battery box buried underground can reduce the possibility of theft.

Features of  Buried Underground 24V 200AH Battery Box:

1. Bury the battery underground by the sealed box to solve the waterproof problem.
2. When the wires pass through the wire hole of buried box to the bottom of light pole, the air-out problem is solved at the same time.
3. The battery buried box solved the heat insulation problem in the internal environment through a unique design of the fence-style ribs.
4. The battery buried boxes are made through one-time injection pressure with quality pvc or pp material.
5. The battery box is easy for the installation and future maintenance or battery replacement(reusable), it is ideal choice of solar street lighting project.

24V IP68 Waterproof Battery Box

24V 200AH Waterproof battery boxes

The main models and technical parameters of waterproof battery box with the wire pipe on top:

No.ModelInner Sizes (mm)Outer Sizes (mm)Qty/Ctn (set)Packing Sizes (mm)

1. With clamps, stainless steel screws, sealing gasket, stainless steel wire conduit (tube).
2. Packing: cartons in pallet for LCL shipment; cartons loaded in container for FCL shipment.
3. Minimum order quantity: 100 sets.
4. Quotation validity: 30days.

Battery Box Production

Battery Box Production


shipment of battery boxes

shipment of battery boxes

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